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Join our Partner Program

Join our partner program

Let’s work together to help connect local businesses with locals all across New Zealand. 

With partnership options for local community builders of any size and experience, CommKit will help you build and scale your local community marketplace. Share the benefits with everyone in the community and earn a revenue share of up to 35%

Affiliate Partner Tiers

Choose the most appropriate one below and book a discovery session.

Community Manager

As a versatile community builder, find the people in your wider community who has promising businesses and the capacity to grow big - manage, guide, and support your local economy and community.

Key Skills:

  • Manage Tier-4 communities
  • mentorship
  • Turning visitors into leads.

Zonal Manager

A well-versed organiser who loves to support local businesses. Find the best community builders in your wider community - Organise events, and workshops to grow your community reach.

Key Skills:

  • Manage Tier-3 communities
  • Identify community builders
  • Liason with local stakeholders.

Regional Manager

A tier 2 community leader who can manage, support, and organise partners across the region. Passion for all things local, building and supporting special communities and events.

Key Skills:

  • Manage Tier-2 communities
  • Leadership
  • Regional engagement.
“This was one of the best decisions I ever made! Love the chance to add so much value to local community.”
Shaun Benson, Zonal Manager
Shaun Benson, Zonal Manager